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Am in the eye of the storm on teh novel (aka BROKEN). Have just finished the BIGGEST edit so far, but I know it’s not the last. So I’m trying to relax & giving myself a few days off writing entirely. The effect of not-writing is to make me feel stressed & — according to a trusted source (or two) — cantankerous. Just can’t win with this writing gig, eh? Either I’m exhausted as all hell or stressed out of my brain.

Still, year of the tiger & all that. Meant to be very auspicious.

In news: WorldCon is coming & plans are being made. Travel & accommodation is booked, & we’re deliberating on which nights will be best for dinners at our fave Melbourne restaurants, & which nights might be best left free to go with the flow & — hopefully — catch up with friends. I seriously want more Melbourne Greek food!

In MORE news: the Baggage antho tour is in full swing. There’ll be a launch on the WorldCon Thursday afternoon (I think that’s confirmed now, right, Gillian?). But to whet your appetite in the meantime, there’s blog tours a-plenty. Alan Baxter cornered a bunch of us on his blog today (Kaaron Warren, Laura E. Goodin, editor Gillian Polack and myself) to ask us about our baggage. And yesterday the fabulous Angela Slatter interviewed me on her blog & gave me an undeserved but excellent introduction. Which I probably marred slightly with random comments on heartlessness to refugees & the downside of multiculturalism.

Considering how much hot water I got myself into on the Poe’s Deadly Daughters blog when I admitted to a deep horror of the Australian landscape (I think I’m supposed to find it pretty), this may well be another of my public miscalculations.

Well, onward & upward, I say!