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Getting plenty of covers lately for the upcoming stories:

Sprawl cover
In Sprawl (ed. Alisa Krasnostein, cover Amanda Rainey) you’ll find my story No Going Home.

Baggage cover
In Baggage (ed. Gillian Polack, cover Andrew McKiernan) I have the story Home Turf.

(I should point out the ‘home’ theme you might see happening above is on purpose, & is a sign of the theme of the *market*, since both anthos will be ready for WorldCon — the international convention coming to Australia in September — which appears to be making people think about Australia & the rest of the world.)

(I should also point out that I love what’s going on with local genre covers lately. No sign of spaceships, but a heck of a lot of sophistication & modernity. It’s awesome. Please keep it up, cover artists.)

21st Century Gothic cover
In 21st Century Gothic (ed. Danel Olsen, cover… um, not sure!), I have an essay on No Country for Old Men as gothic literature.

And doncha just love the dark, authoritative cover art for this tome? I would totally buy this book. In fact, I probably will, since there are 2 volumes & I’m not sure authors get a copy of either.

No sign yet of the cover for Ishtar from Gilgamesh Press. I’m hoping for white text on a white background, but I am getting a tad minimalist in my old age.