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The best readings are not readings

Loving this article (for real, I’ve read it twice) on how to have good & bad author readings. Sez Michael H. Miller of the New York Observer,

A good reader is either a natural performer, or knows how to throw a party.

Think I originally pilfered the link from Ms Girlie Jones?

My favourite writer’s reading is still Dorothy Porter’s reading in a North Sydney library many years ago. She was spellbinding. Of course, she was also a trained actor, so her benchmark was just a little higher than most writers’. I still wish she’d lived longer. There was a lot more to learn from her.

And speaking of writers, I usually flip through the Sydney Talks site for inspiration  – and a good thing, too, because I’d forgotten it was already September soon & I’m off to the Alan Ball talk at the Opera House, he of Six Feet Under, American Beauty & of course, that heinous butt-baring horror known as True Blood. I mean, horror as in, ‘horror genre’, not ‘gah, thine horror dost offend mine eye, take these butts away’. Though, the butt fetish is of an unusual proportion in True Blood. IMHO.