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Blog Briefs: On Burnout, with Alisa Krasnostein

In which a bunch of authors & editors are invited to answer the question: How do you deal with creative exhaustion?

Editor & publisher Alisa Krasnostein has recently been honoured with a World Fantasy Award nomination – and rightly so. In recent years, Krasnostein has changed the face of local publishing in Australia.

For me, my creative energy runs on inspiration. When burnout happens, I try to stop pushing myself to create and turn to absorbing other people’s creations. Sometimes that’s going to a convention, especially one where a lot of my friends are going to be. There’s nothing more inspiring than throwing ideas around that would be cool if someone would only try them. If no convention is around the corner, I dig up art that I think is brilliant or has made a big impact on the world. I like to listen to songs I love (cough caution might include moving power ballads) and watch well written TV shows and read a few of the year’s short stories that are getting all the buzz. I like to be surrounded by ideas and art that *matters*, that’s made a difference because it reminds me that that is possible. And that idea inspires me.

– Alisa Krasnostein, editor and publisher at Twelfth Planet Press.  Critic, blogger and member of Galactic Suburbia.