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Blog Briefs: On Burnout, with Kaaron Warren

In which a bunch of authors & editors are invited to answer the question: How do you deal with creative exhaustion?

Kaaron Warren is a powerhouse writer. Still, I find her solution to burnout extreme!


I rarely suffer from creative burnout, and I think the reason is because, with a couple of kids, writing time is still precious. We just had the school holidays and I could not claw more than a few minutes a day at the keyboard, which means that first thing Monday morning, I fake a tear as the kids go to school and am raring to go. So, yeah. Have kids. Avoid creative burnout.

– Kaaron Warren’s short story collections are The Grinding House and Dead Sea Fruit. Her novels are SlightsWalking the Tree and Mistification. Her website is kaaronwarren.wordpress.com and she’s on twitter @kaaronwarren