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Reminder re. the BAD POWER giveaway, this week only

A reminder that you, too, can win a copy of BAD POWER by answering the question:

“If you had a superpower, what would it be – and why?”

Answers in the comments or via email deborahb AT livejournal DOT com. Competition open until the end of the week!

And if you prefer to buy your copies, BAD POWER is available via Twelfth Planet Press & several good bookstores.

“She told me my future.”

“What was it?”

“In the words of Dorothy Parker-”

“I know. No one gets a happy ending.”

“You want to hear something really creepy, you should ask her what she sees in her own future.”

– “Palming the Lady”, BAD POWER


Detective Palmer is called to the home of Matthew Webb, an anxious young medical student who claims he’s being stalked by a homeless woman. When Palmer takes the nameless woman in, she finds she has an uncanny ability to tell the future. By the time Palmer unravels the truth about so-called ‘Mad Mary’, Palmer herself must confront the devastating future that Mary has left her – a future where the only forgiveness available to her will be her own.