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Continuum schedule

Like many of you, I’ll be at Continuum in Melbourne this week:

Writing Different Genders, Sexualities And Cultures Friday 18:00 until Friday 19:00 (60 Minutes)
Twelfth Planet Press Hour Friday 19:00 until Friday 20:00 (60 Minutes)
I Don’t Get It! Friday 21:00 until Friday 22:00 (60 Minutes)
Book Launch: Ishtar, edited by Amanda Pillar & K.V. Taylor Saturday 14:00 until Saturday 15:00 (60 Minutes)

AND, at some point I will have those ISHTAR copies I owe people! So if you spot me & I promised you an ISHTAR, come up and say hi. Or, y’know, even if I don’t owe you anything…. especially if I don’t owe you money. I’m always happy to see those people.