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Exotic Gothic 5: pre-orderable and pretty amazing

Let me be up-front and say: this blog post exists solely to show off the awesome covers and awesome contents of Exotic Gothic 5, available in TWO BIG VOLUMES OF GOTHIC GOODNESS available for pre-order from PS Publishing. Buy Volume 1, Volume 2, or both in a slipcase. And hurry, because this may well be the last of the Exotic Gothic anthologies.

Exotic Gothic 5 Volume 1

Exotic Gothic 5 Volume 1

My story, All the Lost Ones, kicks off Volume 1, while Terry Dowling’s story, The Sleepover, starts Volume 2.

Editor extraordinaire, Danel Olsen, also has a story in the line-up, and there are stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Theodora Goss, Nancy A. Collins, Paul Park, Reggie Oliver and plenty of others. 26 stories. 13 by women. 13 by men. 11 countries. Gothic stories set all over the world, Olsen’s own “experiment in watching Gothic stories grow outside their native soil”.

The volumes will be available next month. And bloody hell, will you look at those sodding covers!

Exotic Gothic 5 Volume 2

Exotic Gothic 5 Volume 2

The full TOC is here:

Volume I:

“All the Lost Ones” by Deborah Biancotti
“The Open Mirror” by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud (trans. Edward Gauvin)
“L’Amour est Mort” by Simon Clark (novelist)
“Elena’s Egg” by Theodora Goss
“The Girl in the Blue Coat” by Anna Taborska

North America
“Burial Grounds” by Nick Antosca
“Moonrise on Hermit Beach” by Nancy A. Collins
“Goth Thing” by D. E. Cowen & Danel Olson
“The Coroner’s Bride” by Camille DeAngelis
“The Starvation Experiment” by Sheri Holman
“A Game of Draughts” by Joyce Carol Oates
“Foodface” by Stephen Susco
“The Girl Next Door” by Gemini Wahhaj

Volume II:

“The Sleepover” by Terry Dowling

“The Sweet Virgin Meat” by Kola Boof
“XYZ” by Lily Herne
“The Secondary Host” by John Llewellyn Probert

Latin America
“El Nahual” by Berumen & Coyote
“More Than Pigs and Rosaries Can Give” by Carlos Hernandez
“Xibalba” by Thana Niveau

“Haveli” by Anil Menon
“Diabolically Yours” by Charu Nivedita
“Juicing the Knife” by Deborah Noyes
“He Who Beheld the Darkness” by Reggie Oliver
“The Statue in the Garden” by Paul Park
“Djinn’s Blood” by Lucy Taylor

All the tables of contents from ALL the Exotic Gothics are listed on the wikipedia page, for drooling purposes.