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Locus Spotlight

Locus interviewed yours truly a few weeks back, and the spotlight is now up online. ‘Yours truly’ means me, btw. Do people still use ‘yours truly’.

In other recent news, my novella sale to PS Publishing (as reported in the recent PS Publishing news which I cannot identify online) is due for publication in early 2015. The novella has moved from its working title to its final title, WAKING IN WINTER — from a line of Sylvia Plath poetry. I am pleased as all hell about this sale, & excited to see WAKING IN WINTER, edited by the inimitable Mr Nick Gevers, reach an audience. Seriously. I can’t wait for you to read it.

When you read it, tell me what you think. Go on, I can take it.

AND finally, EXOTIC GOTHIC 5 is now available for sale. Edited by Gothic aficionado Danel Olsen, EXOTIC GOTHIC 5 comes in TWO big volumes, with me flying the flag for ‘my homeland’ with a story set in Venice in 1867 – the year of Italian Unification under that enemy of the church, Garibaldi, & his ‘generalissimo’ Menabrea. Garibaldi and Menabrea do not appear in this story, btw. EXOTIC GOTHIC 5 is, coincidentally, also available via PS Publishing in a two-volume (with slipcase) set or as a separate Volume 1 and Volume 2.