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An update on the publishing year so far

Hello blogosphere!

Here’s what’s been happening in publishing land so far this year for my stories:

Ticonderoga Press has announced the Table of Contents for the YEAR’S BEST AUSTRALIAN FANTASY AND HORROR 2013, & my story All the Lost Ones is being reprinted.

Year's Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2013

All the Lost Ones is set in nineteenth century Venice, because I have fallen in love with the mess that was European¬†unification. It was initially published in Exotic Gothic 5,¬†edited by Danel Olson and published by PS Publishing. EG5 is two volumes of gothic awesomeness. Terry Dowling’s EG5 story, “The Sleepover” is also part of the YEAR’S BEST! You can read a brief excerpt from All the Lost Ones here, while you wait for the YEAR’S BEST to arrive. Aaaaaand you can pre-order the volume here.

Review of Australian Fiction has published my story The Executioner Goes Home.

At over 8000 words, this is a looong short story; a kind of paranoid rococo space opera meets isolated underground desert world, with bloodshed. You can read a brief excerpt here and buy the RAF issue for only AUD$2.99 here. You’ll also get an excellent paranoid Twinmaker story from Sean Williams included in the price!RAF_VOL9_ISS_2

Review of Australian Fiction also recently published my story No Mercy for the Executioner.

Entirely unrelated to the executioner of the above mentioned title, this is a kind of YA post-apocalyptic story with extra icing.

(Note on the executioner thing: sometimes you find yourself exploring a theme & then sometimes those stories, despite being written years apart, are published at around the same time. And you end up looking like a serial killer. It happens.)

Excerpt here and RAF issue here, with a dark conflict-of-civilisations story from Thoraiya Dyer included for $2.99.RAF_VOL11_ISS_6

That’s it! Apart from the secret stuff…