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Good old boys

So I saw BUBBA HO-TEP today, the movie based on the Bram Stoker award winning story by Joe R. Lansdale. And if that sentence doesn’t go halfway to explaining this movie, let me also add that it features an aging Elvis & an aging President Kennedy, trapped in a nursing home, being preyed upon by an evil re-animated Eqyptian ‘entity’ — complete with subtitles for the gutter-mouthed entity.

Elvis has been hiding out under the guise of an Elvis impersonator, & President Kennedy has been painted black because … I can’t remember. Anyway, the look of it is a bit like a David Lynch film, & there’s a certain amount of Lynch-style nastiness, but to my knowledge Lynch doesn’t quite work with this level of anal humour. And, being a Lansdale story, there’s also a lot of mentions of dicks.

Odd. Off-beat. Grotesque. Weird. Funny. Go see it.

Seven minutes in you’ll either be saying, ‘Thanks for mentioning this, Deb’, or you’ll be saying, ‘Whaaaaa… Eewww, what the fuck have I gotten myself into?’.

And RIP Ossie Davis, who makes a damn fine president.

There really is too much dying going on lately, thank-you very much (she said, through gritted teeth).