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An exceptionally pleasant event

I’m very pleased to say Ticonderoga Online is back.

I’m pleased because it’s a classy zine with a fine editorial staff and already, at only Issue # 3, a growing reputation for excellence. I’m pleased because it’s an Australian venue that doesn’t commence with a vowel. AND I’m pleased, because they asked if they could interview me. To hear them tell it, I am quite the star. Naturally I agreed to the interview because, despite being a star, I am also gracious.

I’ve never done an interview before. It was excellent fun. I wonder if I sound like an idiot

Also, there’s other stuff there, but I forget what. Probably benpeek or lonewolf23 or even punkrocker1991 could tell you what.

And of course there’s an interview with me!

Ticonderoga Online: read it to see if I sound like an idiot. Or read it because it doesn’t begin with the letter ‘A’.