web analytics

The internet keeps getting cooler

I have just followed Seth Godin’s advice & now I feel like a god:


So I built a few Technorati watchlist items and I created myself a bloglines account & now I can stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the world, including all my buddies’ blogs — even those of you not actually subscribed to livejournal, you freaks. And I can subscribe automatically to blogs with my Safari-friendly bookmarks bar button AND I can be automatically updated re. new postings with my downloaded Notifier.

Any blogs, any search terms, any RSS feeds, anywhere.

Oh, and it organises it all for me. So easy.

This is really just too cool*.


* Yes, I know a number of you are rolling your eyes & muttering, ‘Dude, this is old news.’ I say to you: whatEVER.**
** Anyway, I have to go, I should be writing now, of course. Later, cheeseheads***!
*** New technology always makes me talk in caricatured surfer speak. Totally weird.