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I haven’t seen a news report in a week, no wonder I’m in a good mood

Back from Swancon & — as Bill Bailey would say — “hilarity ensued”. Having left little Monkey-Dog, the cat, in the care of house-sitters (really cat-sitters, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings by saying that out loud), I have come home to discover Monkey has crucial information she wishes to impart. Sadly, she speaks only in ‘cat’, and yet she is quite *insistent* that I understand what it is she has to say. Further to this, the lap is no longer the place for the laptop, the lap is for the cat. The laptop is banished to another part of the lounge & I am wrecking my back typing this.

Swancon reports can be found here and here and here and probably elsewhere.

I made it to a few panels, but as usual not as many as I’d intended. The best times, however, are always those spent in conversation over food and/or drink, catching up with old friends, making new ones, putting faces to electronic names. I could list all the lovely people I spent time with, but I’d be sure to forget someone & it would only come across as rude. The week both flew by and seemed to last a lifetime. What a difference ideas and talk and laughter can make to an ordinary day. When I remember some of the details, & re-claim my lap, I may post a little more on it.

I think this was about the 4th Swancon I’ve been to, & yay, I’m finally beginning to get a slight idea re. the layout of Perth. Not, notably, of its public transport, however. Neverfear, I live in Sydney. It is illegal for us to hate anyone else’s public transport. We are committed to saving all that hate for our own. On the plane home, saw Finding Neverland. Can now assure you, the readers, that if you’re gonna watch a sad movie on a packed plane & you’re worried about looking like an idiot to the people listening to the Classic Rock channel, it is indeed possible to cry without tears.

A few exciting outcomes from Swancon, one of which was that I now have a real sense of enthusiasm to check out my first World Fantasy Con later this year in Madison. Because too many cons are barely enough.

Ow, my back, ow.