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Swancon 05

Tomorrow I will be jetting off to sunny Perth for the 30th annual Swancon (Swancon XXX). I’m not one of those net cafe kinda people, so it’s unlikely I’ll have any kind of electronic life over the next week. My apologies for this interruption to your schedules ;).

Possibly I’ll return with some stories of hilarity or some fascinating things to say on the thought-provoking panels. Or I’ll return chanting ‘tired tired very very tired’. Who can say.

There is apparently some thing at a school I’m meant to attend, unless I can convince punkrocker1991 it’s a bad idea. I’m unsure how I’ll resist the urge to shout “Run, children, RUN!”, particularly in the light of zarq‘s finding: Why Nerds Are Unpopular.

Turns out schools are prisons. And people used to laugh at me when I said that.

In other Swancon-ish events, I will be at the launch of Consensual A Trois, the SF Erotica zine now in its third edition. Traditionally it’s worked like this: the stories are printed without bylines, & author names are listed on the back cover. The game then becomes to guess who wrote what! :) Excellent fun, & at the launch, authors are usually asked for a brief reading — but generally not of their own story. Tres mysterious.

Also I’ll be at the launch of the latest Mitch? zine, an antho the editor has described as ‘potentially the most important collection of words since the bible’, though he is prone to hyperbole. Or perhaps he’s banking on the word ‘potentially’. I have no idea what the launch plans are for this one, my brain went into a white panic when the editor used the phrase ‘bollywood style’, & all I can add is, dalekboy, I hope you’ve waxed.