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It’s funky ass. Maybe it’s too funky ass. Maybe it’s really mizzy tizzle I deserve upside yo head

I’ve loved US slang ever since I saw LOST BOYS at age fifteen. I think there’s a scene where one of the cool vampire dudes says something like ‘chill out’ . And I thought, “Wow! Chill out! What a tops thing to say! Ace!”

Or, I dunno, something to that effect.

It’s struck me that’s there’s a certain amount of affable, entertaining N. American slang-style culture here at livejournal & not just from the Americans. I pretty much talk that way myself now. I say ‘guys’ instead of ‘blokes’, I call people ‘dude’ & say ‘freaking’ a lot. Cultural imperialism as a result of the glut of Hollywood filmic entertainment? The inevitable globalisation of culture? Or just good, clean fun?

Of course, I’m also more likely to say ‘tops’ than anyone else I know, & I still drop the occasional ‘onya, Sonya’ when I’m less than impressed with something. And I use ‘good-o’ a lot, & occasionally ‘bonza’. I guess I just like slang in general.

But this, this is something else:


There’s nothing like feeding through yesterday’s post & watching it translate Fels’ book title to: NECESSARY DREAMS mah nizzle: AMBITION IN Bitchez’s CHANGING LIVES.

Good thing I believe in the re-appropriation of traditionally denigrative words and other stereotypical representations. Eh, mah bitchez?