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Advertising: Killing with Kindness?

Actually, I think this is good news. We get sample chapters (as advertising) & the Sci Fi channel gets another reason to keep the exceptional scifi.com site alive.

Tor Books, the largest publisher of science fiction and fantasy in the world, has teamed up with SCI FI Channel to bring readers SCI FI Essentials, books that will be cross-promoted on SCIFI.COM, SCI FI Magazine and the SCI FI Channel.

Each month, one Tor title will receive the SCI FI Essential stamp of approval, which will mark it as a title to be promoted with such special features as sample chapters and sneak peeks of upcoming books on SCIFI.COM, possible promotion on SCI FI’s handheld AvantGo channel, a highlight in SCI FI Magazine’s books section and on-air coverage of select titles.

I’m just always cynical about advertising & cross promotion, y’know? It’s like subliminal messages. I know they think all they’re doing is *informing* their readership, but advertising should be clearly marked ‘Advertising’ not ‘Hey, check this out, I think you’ll like it!’

We’ll see.