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  • More Book Business Links

    I woke up to a Twitterverse full of book industry talk. a) “All sorts of middle-class folks agree with the billionaire owners of sports teams that the millionaire players make too much money.” Good point, Sherman Alexie. Some interesting questions raised here about the effect of the current eReader gold rush on culture, especially for…

  • Book Business links

    Here’s a quick round-up of some of the articles I’ve been reading on the whole ‘book industry’ future panic that’s going on. Mostly as a result of Amazon’s move into publishing. Which is the kind of smart capitalist move that makes a worldwide centralised marketplace so worrying. What’s Amazon worth, again – about USD$88 billion,…

  • “For what nation can advance with its tongue torn out?”

    Richard Flanagan addresses the Sydney Writers Festival on the importance of protecting the Australian publishing industry against the rhetoric of the ‘parallel importation, cheaper books’ argument.

  • Advertising: Killing with Kindness?

    Actually, I think this is good news. We get sample chapters (as advertising) & the Sci Fi channel gets another reason to keep the exceptional scifi.com site alive. Tor Books, the largest publisher of science fiction and fantasy in the world, has teamed up with SCI FI Channel to bring readers SCI FI Essentials, books…