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If you’re not part of the solution …

Shane Jiraiya Cummings has some energetic solutions over at his blog (where lj feed? I can’t cope with no lj feed!):

The solution to all this debate is to act.

And more action from benpayne:

That said, I’m not intending to copy those magazines, nor am I looking for material which is derivative of their style… what I will be doing, if the material is available, though, is evolving the Monkey over the next few issues (I still have a number of accepted stories waiting to be printed) into a venue for authors to have fun and experiment, to play around and to try things that they might not do in a more mainstream venue like Aurealis or ASIM or Agog… to take risks which may or not pay off, but which will help to keep the genre evolving and alive…

Edit: Oops, also, benpeek is leading a discussion on indie press. (I tried to convince a bunch of people to call it ‘indie press’ a couple of years ago, but I’m hoping Jeff Vandermeer has more luck. Plus, you know, he’s more famous, & all.)

Proving debate *can* lead to something worthwhile.