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No things left unsaid

Over at the discussion on editing, girliejones said:

Our site is a good step but I wonder if we are properly reviewing the editing? In some places we are. But in what cases is a bad story the fault of the editor and not the writer?

Prompting a thoughtful response from newish lj holder, Tansy Rayner Roberts (welcome, Tansy!), cassiphone, which begins with:

You can’t review editing.

Winning agreement from editors Ellen Datlow (hi, Ellen, please edit me, oops, that was unprofessional!) & benpayne (hi Ben, see note to Ellen).

gillpolack provides the kind of articulate, intelligent response we’ve come to expect from her when she admits to a certain vulnerability when sensing criticism. I suggest, in turn, that perhaps the original editorial we saw was a way of ‘goading’ us to do better, then I instantly regret my words, because I don’t actually think that was punkrocker1991‘s intention anyhow. Sorry, punkrocker1991!

At the bottom of that thread, you will find a certain challenge from cassiphone, who has clearly taken to this lj thing like a duck to water.