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Look, ma, my name in lights

It is incumbent upon me to mention the HorrorScope review of Agog! 3:

Smashing Stories is a worthy purchase for fans of speculative mystery and outer space writing and the various unclassifiable pieces included alongside broaden this appeal considerably.

I’m afraid my story, Number 3 Raw Place, did not meet the reviewer’s taste, being described as “repetitive and overly long”, but hey, we’ve all been talking about honesty in reviewing, so I’ve gotta respect the reviewer’s opinion. Freedom of speech, rah, rah, etc.

You, too, can read this repetitive & overly long story by purchasing Agog! 3. Then you can read it again in the Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy (to be launched September 17 at Infinitas Bookshop, Parramatta).

Better yet, buy both versions. There are 3 word differences between them & I think a comma has been removed (editor’s choice, I add with a nod & a wink). Let’s hope those changes assist in the whole repetitive & long department. ;)