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Need a laugh? Please.

jaylake points us towards: http://www.redmeat.com/redmeat/2005-09-06/index.html

Though I have to say, this one might be my favourite so far: http://www.redmeat.com/redmeat/1996-08-12/index.html

No, no, wait, this one: http://www.redmeat.com/redmeat/1997-01-13/index.html

(So …. is there an LJ feed for this site?)

And from bookslut:

I said. “Oh, come on, have some heart. One of those poor girl is a depressive, says so in the cover letter. What if she gets the letter and kills herself?”

The fiction editor hesitated a little, then she said firmly: “No. Some people have got to be stopped.”