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More from the day’s bedtime reading

Brain not much good today — kinda like a small child is living inside my head making ‘gah?!’ sounds at every new thing. But, lurgy has abated somewhat from this morning, which is cheering.

Here’s some of what I read today:

* Her debts now total a staggering $24 million, consolidated with one lender with whom she is engaged in a lawsuit and due in September. If she can’t meet that deadline, she may lose her homes and the rights to her life’s body of work.
— “How Could This Happen to Annie Leibovitz?: The $24 million question”, Andrew Goldman

* I thought ‘Well, fuck everybody’ and wrote the book I wanted to write.
— A memorial to the late, great (irate, sensate) Dorothy Porter (of which I found mention in the newest edition of Australian Author)