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Chocolate Friday

Today I had a chocolate bar. Which is not of interest in & of itself, except with relation to the fact that I rarely eat chocolate bars & don’t even remember the last time I ate a chocolate bar or what that chocolate bar might’ve been. But today I was tired enough that the charity chocolate bars in the kitchen looked worth the $1.20 asking price because, after all, I’ve been awake since about 4am since my cat is sick & consequently when she chooses to take up a fair-sized portion of my side of the bed, I let her & then lie awake in the allowable edges around her.

So I paid $1.20 & had a Honey Roll & it was good for all the mouthfuls that it existed. The chocolate filling my mouth and the honey snagging on my teeth as I rolled it around my mouth.

But directly after eating that chocolate bar I experienced a sensation that began in my stomach & progressed from there to fill my whole body with something that feels remarkably like regret.