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Next up: Hugos

Award season doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, with the Hugos next on the interest list — especially in Australia, where WorldCon is happening this September.

Some of the local Hugo interests:

* Tansy Rayner Roberts talks Wives & other Hugo recommendations
* Robert Hoge sets up the Homegrown Hugo Nomination Group on Facebook
* Twelfth Planet releases some free reading, including Horn, Siren Beat & some stories from yours truly
* Following Twelfth Planet’s lead, you can also get your free copies of some of my new stories for 2009 right here, including the BSFA long-listed “Diamond Shell” and “Problems of Light and Dark”, plus two other stories that have made it to favourite lists, “Coming up for Air” and “Hush”. Email me at deborahb AT livejournal DOT com or via my website addie, rous AT deborahbiancotti DOT net if you’re interested. Or buy the book via Twelfth Planet Press.

And a huge thank-you to the kind British people who took the time to read & request my stories. I didn’t make the BSFA shortlist, but I’m still thrilled I got onto the longlist & wish all the best to those heading into the final straight.

In not-so-local Hugo reading, Cheryl Morgan’s very important post at the Feminist SF blog is a must-read. Sriously. Read it. It’s wonderful.