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Ditmar season

It’s Ditmar season! I know this because of the flurry of emails I’ve received from people reminding me of their eligibility. I had 2 short stories published last year, necessarily down from 6 in 2009 (the year A BOOK OF ENDINGS was published): No Going Home in SPRAWL and Home Turf in BAGGAGE. I’ll happily send out a PDF of the stories if you’re interested in reading ’em. Of course, you should also buy the books — but if money’s tight, the PDFs are nice.

(The ‘home’ theme isn’t a coincidence, btw, it’s a result of WorldCon, where us Oz-ers began to think about what it was like to have the world come to us — for a change! Hence, ‘home’.)

(I am now writing 2 different stories with the word ‘executioner’ in the title. That *is* a coincidence.)

I’m actually particularly proud of my essay in 21ST CENTURY GOTHIC: GREAT GOTHIC NOVELS SINCE 2000 (ed. Danel Olson, pub. Scarecrow Press) — & I can send a PDF of that essay, too, though there’s so much excellent criticism going on lately (esp. with all the podcasting) that this is really an exercise in spreading the gothic love. Edit: and as Ellen Datlow points out, in fact the volume was published in 2011, not 2010!  Still, if you want to read it for NEXT year’s Ditmars, I can send a copy.

You can email me via deborahb AT livejournal or through my website.

In the meantime, my Skribit dialogue box on my blog has netted another suggestion from a reader: pie. A fine and noble suggestion! And one I must ponder, probably with a piece of pie.