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Robert McKee in Oz

Robert McKee’s last tour of Oz a couple years ago was meant to be his LAST tour of Oz for good. But somehow he’s back & tour organisers, Epiphany Artists, have a special on tickets to his Sydney Story seminar or Melbourne ‘genre’ seminars until 28-February.

For those of us who endured the Chauvel last time (you remember, with the lack of air conditioning & the lack of lighting & the burning bright film set lights placed around the venue & aimed into the eyes of participants), you’ll be pleased to know it’s NOT at the Chauvel this time. Very pleased. Very, VERY pleased. And yes, I know it’s not fashionable to make fun of old cinemas, but if you’re spending 8-hour days in them consecutively across 3-4 days, frankly they really can suck.

I’ve enrolled for the Thriller one-dayer in Melbourne. Apparently we’ll be dissecting the film SE7EN. Which will be interesting, because I find that film almost unbearable to watch. Not just gruesome but unbearably sad once you know the ending. Also I always considered it a horror.

So, er, this should be educational.