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Today is Writing Day at chateau deborahb. Many days are writing days, but this is the official writing day, as it is a day I have bought from my f/t employment specifically to be alone & write. It is, then, my favourite day of the week.

Today I am playing hooky from my regular writing gigs to take a ‘busman’s holiday’: the kind of holiday you take when you can’t really afford a holiday. I’m not writing the things I’ve set myself. Instead, I’m being deliciously wicked & writing something I really don’t need to write right now: a short story with no particular deadline or intended market.

Because writing to the rules — even the rules I set myself — can be numbing. So I feed my rebellious side now & then.

Also I’m testing out this desktop WordPress blogging software to see if it will work.

What’re y’all doing today?