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Off to WFC, for me

Thanks for paying attention during the Burnout series. I enjoyed that so much I’m already devising questions for another Blog Briefs tour. That ‘one paragraph’ mandate made for some great reading – & inspired writing. Don’t yer love when a constraint becomes a creative coup?

Tomorrow I travel back in time to the other side of the world – San Diego! Just in time for the World Fantasy Convention.

Here’s my schedule:


Pacific 1: The Successful Misfit as a Theme in Fantasy

Is Schmendrick the Magician endearing because he’s a lovable loser, or is there something else going on? Nerds, geeks, and absent-minded professors abound in the pages of genre literature. What is it about the social misfit that attracts readers and makes them empathize with the protagonist? Are authors and readers self-identifying?

Peter S. Beagle, Deborah Biancotti, Erin Hoffman, R. L. LaFevers, Mark L. Van Name (M)

I LOVE this topic!

Apart from that, I’ll be in the bar. The bf is coming along for this one, so he’ll also be in the bar. Or, playing golf. After too few days in San Diego (& probably missing out on Tijuana, on account of timing – omg, I can’t believe we won’t be there for Day of the Dead!!), we’ll be off to NYC for the Halloween parade, & about a week later to San Francisco, including side trips to Vegas & the Napa, depending how we’re feeling.

This trip has been a long time coming, gentle readers, on account of it being a long, long year. But I’ve an inkling this will be exactly what my burnout has been craving.