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Blog: In my absence, much happened

I’m back!

WFC was great, Peter Beagle was absolutely charming, & the Mexican food was exceptional – especially at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, where I was lucky enough to spend an evening with editor Danel Olson & some of the writers from TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY GOTHIC.

AND bunch of stuff happened back home in my absence. F’instance:

  • BAD POWER is available for order. BAD POWER is my second short story collection, & I’m really proud of it. It’s also the first collection from World Fantasy Award-winning Ms Alisa Krasnostein of Twelve Planets Press since winning her first World Fantasy Award (well, I think it’s the first collection since October – I didn’t really check that), it also features an awesome cover by Amanda Rainey & an intro by the inimitable Ann Vandermeer.
  • Excerpts from BAD POWER have found their way onto the Twelfth Planet Blog recently. I’ll re-post ’em here in the lead-up to Xmas.
  • Gilgamesh Press has released ISHTAR: a 3-novella anthology with stories by Kaaron Warren, Cat Sparks and myself. ISHTAR features a kick-arse heroine in a kick-arse city (my home town) as she chases down a terrifying, ancient deity.
  • At Apex Magazine, Tansy Rayner Roberts has published an article on THE AUSTRALIAN DARK WEIRD featuring some of my favourite cohorts & me as we pontificate on how all this sun & surf has given rise to so much literary horror.
  • CLOCKWORK PHOENIX: TALES OF BEAUTY AND STRANGENESS is now available for Kindle. My story, The Tailor of Time, is in volume one & scored a lovely mention in a recent Dark Cargo review of the new electronic edition. The Tailor of Time is still available as a free read in two parts at the Steampunk Workshop if you’d like a taste test.

Marvellous way to wrap up the year – thanks, teamsters. :)