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2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge

I’m taking the Australian Women Writers Challenge in 2012.

Whatever your preference, whether you’re a fan of one genre or a devoted eclectic, the 2012 Australian Women Writers Book Reading & Reviewing Challenge invites you to celebrate a year encountering the best of Australian women’s writing.

I’m a Dabbler (according to the rules: more than one genre), & I’m aiming at the Miles challenge level (read 6 & review 3 books by Australian women). It’s a kinda modest number, but the challenge contradicts an earlier rule I’d laid down to minimise expenses next year. And – weird, I know – that includes minimising book buying!

So I’ll be starting by scouring the mountains of To Be Read books I own. Already without moving, I can see Adrienne Ferriera‘s WATERCOLOURS and Caroline Overington‘s GHOST CHILD waiting to be read. I’m pretty sure I have a copy of Joan Lindsay‘s PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (minus the controversial ‘final chapter’) someplace. And of course that’s not counting all the shiny TWELVE PLANETS coming out. I’m also going to use the excuse to read some more Australian women crime writers (the Sisters in Crime site will hopefully help me out). And I *might* just use some of my frugal funding to find out if there’s any Dorothy Porter I haven’t yet read.

So that should cover genre, mainstream, poetry, and crime. Hmmm, what have I missed?