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Checking my #aww2012 progress

Going back to my 18-December post, I wrote:

I’m a Dabbler (according to the rules: more than one genre), & I’m aiming at the Miles challenge level (read 6 & review 3 books by Australian women). It’s a kinda modest number, but the challenge contradicts an earlier rule I’d laid down to minimise expenses next year. And – weird, I know – that includes minimising book buying!

That is a very low goal indeed. And I have to say that though I am minimising my expenses, I am STILL, somehow, buying books.

So far this year I’ve reviewed 3 books out of the four I’ve read:

I have to read 2 more books in order to meet my goal. Which really is a sad goal indeed, I’m kinda embarrassed by it now. And I’ve bought another oh, half dozen books by Australian women writers. So there’ll be plenty more reading & reviewing in 2012!


2 comments on “Checking my #aww2012 progress”

  1. I am three of the reading goal and have already met the reviewing one. I do intend to keep going though.

  2. deborahb says:

    Me, too, I’m having too much fun. :)

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