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Another good reason for my AA giveaways

One astute reader has pointed out to me that she’d like a free! PDF copy of my ISHTAR novella for purposes of research & review while she weighs up her Ditmar nomination list.

If you, too, are looking for some reading while you ponder your Ditmar list, email me at rous AT deborahbiancotti.net for a PDF of my contemporary-supernatural-Sydney novella. And did I mention, free!? (Actually, I think I did.) Ditmar voting closes 15-April.

And the competition is still open for a chance to win a print copy of either ISHTAR or BAD POWER (your choice!) simply by answering this question in the comments: who’s your favourite fictional woman, & what makes her so awesome?

Both ISHTAR and BAD POWER are eligible for Ditmar nomination, but if you need more recommendations you can always check in on the AA-listed works nominated & published in 2011 over here.

I’ll announce the winner of our ‘fave fictional woman‘ comp & collate all entries next week so we can all have a reading list of awesome fictional femmes.

But if you can’t wait that long, remember you can buy the books & support small press here and here and here.

Read on, fellow readers!