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Reminder: AA giveaways

Just a reminder that we have not one but TWO giveaways to celebrate the recent Aurealis Award shortlists. Winners of the AAs are announced on 12-May at North Sydney's Independent Theatre (tickets at the Aurealis Awards website).

Give-away #1: If you’re interested in reading my AA-shortlisted novella – set in modern day Sydney, in present tense, as Detective Garner investigates the strange & terrible deaths of male prostitutes in the city, which leads her eventually to confront the very goddess Ishtar herself – email me at rous AT deborahbiancotti.net for a PDF of the novella.

I’m mad keen for people to read my story, ‘cos I’m not sure I’ve ever had so much fun writing anything, ever. Go on, send an email or drop your email address into the comments for a free PDF. Hopefully it will even whet your appetites to buy the whole AA-nominated anthology so you can read the awesome ISHTAR novellas by Kaaron Warren & Cat Sparks.

Give-away #2: If you’d like a chance to win a print copy of either ISHTAR or BAD POWER (your choice!), answer this question in the comments: who’s your favourite fictional woman, & what makes her so awesome? Winners announced at the end of this week, so please vote early & often!

You can also BUY! both books. BAD POWER is available at the Twelfth Planet Press website and ISHTAR at the Gilgamesh website. Both books are also available for the Amazon Kindle: BAD POWER and ISHTAR.


6 responses to “Reminder: AA giveaways”

  1. Favourite female character is really hard! But the first one who springs to mind is Polgara, from David Eddings’ Belgariad series. She’s one of the first strong fantasy female characters I can remember coming across and she made a big impression – to the point of wanting a white stripe in my hair. She’s strong and powerful in all sorts of ways; she’s also humble, comfortable in her own skin (at the time of the stories anyway), determined, calm, and able to quell kings with a single glance. I like that combination – and even though there are some problematic aspects to her character, she is still really appealing.

  2. Hey, I wanted a stripe in my hair, too! And I’ve never even read David Eddings.

    Good to see a man writing women that inspiring, though. :)

  3. It’s cos stripes are COOL.

    I think she may be one reason why, while I’ve been going grey for a number of years, it doesn’t fuss me much; the lines above my ears I’ve taken to calling speed stripes…

  4. Ha! I don’t mind my ‘natural highlights’ either. :)

  5. Fave female fictional character – Granny Weatherwax. What I love is how real she is. She’s got these seemingly opposite drives – on the one hand she doesn’t really like people and wants to avoid them if possible; on the other hand she’ll continually go and risk her life to save said people. After a while, you realise that they actually come from the same source – Granny knows people. Heart and soul, good and bad. So while she doesn’t have time for them, she sees them as unique and valuable and important and so will do what she can to save them.

    Plus, she’s a cranky old broad and I’m SOOOO planning on being one of those when I grow up!

  6. Ahahaha! I made a head start on that cranky old broad thing years ago! ;p