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Another Waking in Winter update

In news today, my SF Signal guest post is LIVE! Whereupon I wax lyrical (or not) about the setting for a sorely under-appreciated little telemovie called A Cold Night’s Death–& various other tangentially related thoughts around the topic of icy, remote research stations in fiction.

Also today, the first reader review is LIVE! Stephanie Gunn reviews WiW in The Forest of Books blog. (Yes, Partholon does need to be punched in the face.)

And finally today, I finished signing 100 autograph sheets for the special signed edition of Waking in Winter.


WiW Arrival 02
100 signing sheets pre-signing

They look pretty fabulous, actually, though I was weirded out by writing across the poor cover model’s face. I guess I didn’t want to wake her.

100 signed sheets
100 signed sheets



Trusty Uniball Signo 0.7 (the same pen that signed all those Booktopia copies of Zeroes, for the aficionados/aficionadas amongst you). And ahem, broken hand:

Broken hand


2 responses to “Another Waking in Winter update”

  1. Speaking of remote, icy research stations – have you watched the tv series Fortitude? Icy, with murders. I recommend it.

  2. I haven’t, but that sounds like something I need to see!