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Two quick WiW updates

Two updates for my novella Waking in Winter (WiW, for those in the know):

The latest PS Publishing newsletter links to a video interview I did about Waking in Winter. Please admire the warm red wall of my loungeroom! I broke my camera tripod setting this up, so I can’t watch the video without feeling a little sad. Yay for the invincible fixing skills of years-old blu-tac.

I put up an excerpt from Waking in Winter last week, & promptly forgot to tell anyone about it. The opening paragraphs are here.

In further news, I’ve written a guest post for SF Signal on the deliciousness of remote, icy research stations in fiction. It will be up soon — stay tuned!

You can pre-order the Waking in Winter hardcover at the PS Publishing website.

Want to know more about Waking in Winter? Send me your questions & requests! There’s a Contact page on this site, or you can get hold of me via Twitter & various other modern channels.