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Winter is Coming

Okay, first I steal the title of my new novella, Waking in Winter, from Sylvia Plath. THEN I steal the title of this post from Game of Thrones. Have I no shame*?!

Next week I’ll share the opening paragraphs of Waking in Winter on the blog. But first, I wanted to remind you that the creative team at PS Publishing will be making the book available this month.

You can pre-order Waking in Winter from PS Publishing here.

Isn’t she pretty?

Waking in Winter

Waking in Winter

On a far, frozen desert world, Muir the pilot discovers an ancient artefact in the ice. She sees a mermaid at first, but later comes to wonder if it is Ningyo, a fish god from her homeland in Japan. A god that brings misfortune and storm. A god that—by all means possible—should be returned to the sea. The rest of Base Station Un see something else. Bayoumi the lab rat sees Sekhmet the lioness goddess, daughter of the sun god. Partholon the creep finds in its shape a ‘good, old-fashioned cruxifix’. But all of them want to possess it. All of them want it for themselves.

Cover art by Amanda Rainey.

And remember, if you’re read this far & you still haven’t pre-ordered, there’s still time!


*The answer to the question ‘have I no shame’ is: no.