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Just a general update, really, no big deal

So the bum in front of the church across the road seemed fully into his Gameboy this morning, pressing its little buttons like mad. And then I realised, he didn’t _have_ the Gameboy.*

In other news, I’m apparently an Angst Writer. Oh, please, bite me (she said, morosely). I’d paste the dooverlacky text in, but I didn’t bother copying it when I had the chance. Quiz here.

In OTHER news, Dear Bill Bailey, we love you. I know at least five people who want to marry you & only three of us are girls, so you can have your pick, really.

And in FINAL news, is it weird of me to think comedy festival sites should be funny? But noooooo, they’re not funny at all.

*I guess when you get real good at it, you don’t even need the Gameboy to be physically present. That’s probably the final level: Metaphysical Gameboy for the Spiritual Masters.