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Author: deborahb

  • The Zeroes tour 2015

    Tour dates are in, & here is where Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & yours truly will be appearing. Starts in 3 weeks time & travels all the way from Sydney to New York City. Hope to see you there. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Tuesday, September 22 6:00 PM for 6:30PM KINOKUNIYA BOOKS Level 2, The Galeries, 500…

  • This is the new site!

    Once the August/September migration of this site is complete, the new site will be here. It will look like the old site and work even better than the old site. You won’t even notice a difference! But first: expect some issues & delays.

  • More Zeroes Covers

    Book 1 of the Zeroes trilogy is launching at the end of September in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. I know, exciting, right? If that’s not enough, there’ll be more Zeroes news later. But first, some more covers. Behold the pretties!

  • The Zeroes US cover!

    Is here! And there’s an explanation of the cover from Scott Westerfeld here.    

  • Zeroes

    Hello, blogosphere! I realised I was running behind, & my colleagues have already managed to post this news, but just in case you came here wondering if it’s true: yes, it’s true! ZEROES will be launched on the world in 8 months. ZEROES is the first book in a trilogy about six superpowered teens who…

  • An update on the publishing year so far

    Hello blogosphere! Here’s what’s been happening in publishing land so far this year for my stories: Ticonderoga Press has announced the Table of Contents for the YEAR’S BEST AUSTRALIAN FANTASY AND HORROR 2013, & my story All the Lost Ones is being reprinted. All the Lost Ones is set in nineteenth century Venice, because I…

  • I’m actually updating my website

    I’m updating my site! It’s been sooooo long since I’ve updated my site, I’ve almost forgotten how. If you find anything on the site that’s weird, wrong, or inadvertently funny, would you mind contacting me to let me know? I think the contact page still works. In the meantime, I’m mostly on Twitter. I’ve also…

  • Hush now

    This blog has been quiet for a while–because I’m busy writing. And somehow that leaves me with nothing much else to say. Meanwhile, I’ll be doing some functionality updates in the background. Results may be unpredictable. You can still mostly find me on Twitter.

  • Locus Spotlight

    Locus interviewed yours truly a few weeks back, and the spotlight is now up online. ‘Yours truly’ means me, btw. Do people still use ‘yours truly’. In other recent news, my novella sale to PS Publishing (as reported in the recent PS Publishing news which I cannot identify online) is due for publication in early…

  • Exotic Gothic 5: pre-orderable and pretty amazing

    Let me be up-front and say: this blog post exists solely to show off the awesome covers and awesome contents of Exotic Gothic 5, available in TWO BIG VOLUMES OF GOTHIC GOODNESS available for pre-order from PS Publishing. Buy Volume 1, Volume 2, or both in a slipcase. And hurry, because this may well be…