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Words, just words

TWO nights without internet. TWO LONG NIGHTS. LOOOOOOOOONNGG nights.

Curiously, I hardly miss it. How freaky. I must be losing my mind (& I’m unlikely to miss _that_ either).

I was about to relay some news about the ache in my shoulder, but then I realised: that is dull. strangedave has neglected to add this to his list of things that don’t interest him. I await Part 2. :)

Some interesting comments continue to be made at the House of benpeek and also followed up at benpayne‘s journal. Am enjoying the quality vs. quantity discussion. Also really enjoyed jack_ryder‘s comments on being harmless.

Harmless, to paraphrase JR, equals irrelevant.

Perhaps, then, I was looking the wrong way when I was thinking about living on ‘the edge’. Perhaps the point is not to be in danger, but to be dangerous.

In other news, the spidey-loving bum infrontofthechurchacrosstheroad is back. No tan, no souvenirs, no luggage. The suitcases are gone & so is the shopping trolley. He is, however, wearing one of those shirts you get in tourist shops that has the name of whatever exotic place you happen to be in. His says ‘Sydney Australia’. Whoa, ‘cos, wow, I thought I was already *in* Sydney, Australia. Also, he has a large sports bag which appears to be empty, and a new collection of blankets. And a milk crate.

And though in my mind he had heavy black curls when he left, this morning his head had been shaven & his skull was a pale grey. He seems, too, to be interacting more with the world. I caught him re-arranging his blankets rather than staring stonily into his hands. I even thought there was a moment when he might have been about to look my way & I could catch his eye and … I don’t know. Say ‘hi, how was Sydney, Australia’? Or perhaps say, ‘the luggage … what’s with all the luggage …?’

Or perhaps cut to the chase & say to him, ‘You know, if you kill a man in the dead of winter, steam rises from the wound. The ancients thought it was the soul escaping the body…’*


* Wayne’s World, & various other sources, including http://www.sciforums.com/archive/index.php/t-42015&e=9888